BitDiffer: Assembly Comparison Tool

Ever wonder what really changed in that DLL you are about to release to production? Would you like to check a 3rd party library for breaking changes before referencing it? Would it be helpful to integrate an automatically generated change report – at the assembly binary level – in your deployment and migration process?

BitDiffer allows you to compare multiple versions of assemblies for all types of changes and drill down to find the smallest changes, public or private.

Compare Everything


View changes in the GUI interface which highlights breaking changes and publicly visible changes. Browse through the grid of changes in order to quickly determine their impact, or export reports to keep a record.

You can compare implementation of methods and properties, not just the declarations. You can compare protected, internal and private items as well as just the exported public types.

BitDiffer will catalog and compare:

  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Properties
  • Fields
  • Methods
  • Attributes
  • Events
  • Assembly Attributes

Compare Across Time


You don’t have to be limited to comparing just two versions of assembly. You can also load up a series of versions and review them side-by-side to see how they all changed across time.

You can load assemblies with the strong name from different locations and compare across them.

You can compare entire directories of assemblies at once, to perform complete build comparisons in one click.

Command Line Support


Run BitDiffer as part of your automated build, deployment, or migration process and automate the process of generating change reports on the assemblies that you are handling.

Archive reports historically to have an accurate picture of what changed at the binary level in your assemblies as your deploy them. Generate high-level summary reports with breaking change information, or generate verbose reports with fine details of every aspect of your build.

You can perform these tasks using the built-in command line support of BitDiffer, which runs silently to easily integrate into your build or deployment process.

BitDiffer offers all these features and more. Download now using the link on the left side.